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Hans J. Wegner born Tønder 1914.

1914. National boundaries.

This map shows national boundaries at the time of Wegner’s birth.
 Hans J. Wegner was born 2 April 1914 in Tønder at 12 Smedegade. At this time Tønder comprised mainly of 17th and early 18th century houses built as the town grew around a thriving lace industry. Pre- 1864 Tønder was within the Duchy of Schleswig and was part of Germany until the Schleswig Plebiscite of 14 March 1920.  Marius Jacobsen (1899-1991) a teacher who was later to have an influence on the young Wegner wrote an article of his own early days in the town noting that Tønder had been deeply effected by the First World War. Many men had been killed and many of the children were undernourished and prone to sickness.


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