Hans J. Wegner. Editor Anne Blond

ISBN: 978-87-88376-79-1
Hans J. Wegner. Editor Anne Blond

Hans Wegner was born in the town of Tønder in 1914.

The Art Museum in Tønder published this 355 page book in connection with the Centenary exhibition held in the Museum between 5th of April to 2nd of November 2014 marking the designers birth.

The book includes articles about Wegner’s upbringing in Tønder written by cultural historian Elsemarie Dam-Jensen. There is also an article about Wegner’s furniture design from 1938-1949 written by art and design historian Kirsten Hegner. Wegner’s importance in the context of Nordic Design history is written by curator of art and design Anne Blond. Finally there

is an article concerning the reception of Wegner’s design and Nordic design abroad, especially in Britain, written by fellow at Cambridge University, Barry Phipps. The book also contains analyses of each of Wegner’s 36 chairs in the Water Tower of Tønder. The book contains 3 special ‘case‘ studies in which Wegner took part. There is also a discussion with the 5 contemporary Nordic designers and their views on Wegner and Nordic design in general. There are interviews with Wegner’s two daughters and the furniture makers, Bernt, Ejnar Pedersen and Henry Fisker, who are the only craftsmen alive today who actually worked closely with the Danish design icon.