Koldinghus Chair

Koldinghus Chair

Koldinghus Chair

Hans J. Wegner was commissioned to design chairs for use in public spaces and the Chapel of the restored restored Kolding Castle Castle. The comfortable Koldinghus Chairs originally produced by cabinet maker Johannes Hansen are today manufactured in beech and oak with woven seats by Getama A/S.

At the start of the 19th Century a fire reduced the Castle at Kolding to a ruin. While there were attempts to raise funds for a restoration it was

not until the late 1980’s that these were successful led by the architects Inger and Johannes Exner.

The architects, preserved the ruins as a historical monument by protecting them under an ingenious tructure of laminated wooden pillars supporting a new roof and floors.

Missing sections of wall to the south and east of the building are filled with a light wooden wall suspended from the roof and clad externally with shavings of oak. T

The restoration was awarded the EUROPA NOSTRA award in 1993.