Mini VIP

VO25 & VO27
Mini VIP

Wash VIP

Jørgen Gammelgaard’s VIP series has been produced by Pandul since the Company launched the series in 1983.

The Wash Vip shade is available in opal polycarbonate or in hand-spun aluminium, wet painted in black or white. The fitting is switched at the shade and when mounted in a convenient position is an excellent bedside light.

The VIP lamps are constructed so that they can cast light down

and at any angle up to the vertical. The  fully-adjustable shade can rotate through 360 degrees and the light can be directed for use as a reading lamp and is particularly suited for use as a wall mounted bedside light.

Vip is the Danish for twist and VIP series of lights was the result of a project Gammelgaard completed for a large hotel. The furnishing of the interior suggested the need for a lamp able to cast a light downwards and onto a wall.