Pp524 Deck Chair

PP524 Elegance


Deck Chair Chair (PP524), is a modern version of the chaise longue, was a type of furniture Wegner occasionally revisited.

RefHans J. Wegner. A Nordic Design Icon from Tønder. Edited by Anne Blond.

Wegner designed the Deck Chair (PP524) in 1958 as a reclining chair with a back that could be adjusted to different positions. Wegner was meticulous in his choice of materials for his Deck Chair. The chair’s frame is of solid timber with a neck cushion and he employed a similar use of interwoven flag halyard on the seat and back that resembles the Flag Halyard Chair’s horizontal weave.

The Desk Chair serves exactly the function its name implies and stands and is as an obvious

archetype although there are references to his earlier PP 512 Folding Chair and his intricate Dolphin Chairs  Wegner added an adjustment mechanism in steel very similar to the one he designed on his 1954 Tub Chair, PP 530.

Despite these number of references to earlier designs, the Deck Chair seems to be concluded with simple means. It is an elegant and agile recliner, and although it is not made for permanent outdoor use, the flag line and the light construction will encourage one to bring it out to enjoy a sunny afternoon under the blue sky.

pp524 is contrary to its predecessors, has no armrests. The fittings and a stainless steel loop with a girdle for safety, allows the chair four different positions. While the chair always comes with a neck cushion. A sheep-skin can be ordered as an option separately.