Tub Chair

PP530 Hallingdal
Tub Chair

Wegner designed the Tub Chair in 1954 manipulating laminated timber in what was a pioneering experiment, as the back of the chair is a complicated double bent shell comprising two individual shapes: One that is bent and one that is both bent and twisted.

The Tub is the most advanced shell chair Wegner created. In to addition the complexity of the back the Chair is a fusion of laminated and solid timber combined with upholstery.

Wegner not only successfully mearged moulded plywood with upholstery and traditional work in solid wood he also added a mechanism in steel in order to allow the user to alter the

angle of the back. It is one of the most striking and brilliant examples of Wegner’s vision and courage, and still it is a most practical, usable and comfortable chair.

However,  it was not technically possible to produce the Tub Chair in a rational way during Wegner’s lifetime.

PP Møbler developed the necessary production techniques and introduced the Tub Chair as PP530 in 2014 to mark  the 100 years anniversary of Wegner’s birth.
pp530 comes with an adjustable back featuring 3 positions:

  1. One upright for reading,
  2. The middle for normal use and
  3.  One for laid back relaxing.