Tip Top pendent lamp shades

Tip Top pendent lamp shades

Tip Top Pendent Lamp Shades

Launched in 1971 by the Danish Company Design Forum, the Tip Top Pendent has been produced by Pandul since 1978.

The Tip Top lamp shades were a development of the multitude Tip Top pendent designed by Jørgmen Gammelgaard following an assignment for UNESCO in Samoa under a UN initiative. The young architect was a consultant on the design of school furniture.

Available in four sizes in a choice of brushed aluminium, painted white or black finish. The three larger diameters have a removable shield to reduce glare from

the bulb.

During their time in Samoa Gammelgaard and his wife Karin lived in rather primitive conditions with just one light source in their hut: a neon tube standing on the floor in a corner providing lots of light but also giving off excessive glare.

Gammelgaard took the plastic lids from their UN food rations, cut and stapled them together as a row of shades on the neon tube to reduce the glare.

After returning to Denmark Jørgen Gammelgaard designed the multi-shade TipTop lamp that was later followed by these single shade versions.