Wegner Pendent

Wegner Pendent
Height adjustable pendent lamp

Produced by Pandul since the 1990’s as model LO37, the Wegner pendent first appeared on the Johannes Hansen stand at the annual Copenhagen cabinet makers exhibition in 1961 as JH804.

The Pendent demonstrates Wegner’s practical thinking with a conveniently placed handle with which to raise or lower the fitting.

When lowered over the table the wide angle of the shade casts  light onto the surface creating an intimate dining experience. The lamp holder is easily adjusted to

raise or lower the bulb to prevent glare at eye level.  When raised, the open top of the pendent directs light upward. The light emitted is reflected off the ceiling lighting the room in general. 

The Wegner Pendent handmade in Denmark and is available in white, black, graphite grey and brushed aluminium, the colours specified by Wegner on the original drawings.

The E27 lamp fitting has a maximum rating of 100W for regular incandescent or equivelent fluorescent LED or halogen bulbs.