Getama A/S
5 Holmmarkvej
DK 9631

Getama A/S is the oldest producer to work with the Danish designer Hans J. Wegner a collaboration that was to be sustained for over fifty years during the designers life time. Wegner designed over 120 different models for Getama more than for any other Company with whom he collaborated.

The name Getama is a contraction of the words Gedsted, Tang and Madrasfabrik. The Company is located in Gedsted in the Vesthimmerland close to Limfjorden in the Jutland countryside. Tang is the Danish for seaweed and Madrasfabrik for the fabrication of mattresses.  The company, founded in the 19th Century originally used seaweed as a filling in the mattresses it produced. More than a Century on, although best known for producing furniture by Wegner the Company remains Denmark’s largest producer of mattresses,  although springs long since replaced seaweed in their manufacture.

In 1959 it was because of Getama’s experience in producing mattresses that Wegner aged 36 approached the Company to ask if it would work with him to manufacture his armchairs and timber framed soft seating with loose cushions. The remote location of Gedstead  to the Wegner’s Copenhagen studio prevented spontaneous visits by the designer and meeting had to be carefully planned each year as they usually lasted for several days.

It was especially important to Wegner to monitor all aspects of production. Starting with his initial drawings through to taking an active part in the development of prototypes where the finished quality of the piece was defined.

During the golden period of Danish furniture during the mid 20th Century,  Getama was the largest of all the Wegner producers within the group of companies that set up Salesco in the 1950’s. Until the oil crises in 1973 Salesco was a hugely Company and sales organisation promoting Wegner designs Worldwide.

In the 1990’s Getama collaborated with the internationally renowned designer, Nanna Ditzel and launched her Joy and Mondial ranges. In 2014 her 1953 Vita sofa was also added to the collection. Since 1994 Getama has been part of the Temco group of companies.

The Getama logo is a guarantee that each individual piece of furniture is produced under exacting quality control and using only the best materials according to Wegner’s original design.