Wing / Oculus Footstool

CH446 Hallingdal
Wing / Oculus Footstool

Footstool CH446

The CH446 ottoman is the accompanying footstool to the Wing and Oculus Chairs which clearly bare a strong resemblance in their construction to the Ox Chair Wegner’s personal favourite from this period. This is unsurprising as all three designs were all drawn by Wegner in the same year for the then manufacturer large easy chairs,  A. P. Stolen.

The main body of this series of designs is comprised of a seat

, armrests and back of laminated ply supported on a timber frame. Unlike the traditional upholstery materials used in his earlier designs for A. P. Stolen Wegner choose the more industrial material of moulded foam to provide the support for the upholstery.

Sitting on a light almost transparent frame of tubular steel these large comfortable chairs are perfect examples by Wegner demonstrating both his interest in the sculptural for and his highly attuned cabinet making craftsmanship albeit hidden from view beneath sumptuous upholstery in fabric or leather.