Adjustable Chaise

GE1 Hallingdal
Adjustable Chaise

Getama, one of Denmark’s best know furniture makers was approached by Wegner in the late 1940’s as he believed he could utilise their expertise in  mattress making for his sofas and soft seating designs

The adjustable Chaise and accompanying footstool were the first design Getama put into full production and the current design is faithful to the original design and is produced using the exactly the same materials and techniques specified by Wegner.


Wegner was to combine Getama’s expertise in mattress with the companies  wood working skills to design a series of chairs and sofas many of which have remained in continuous production for over 60 years.

In all Wegner developed over 120 designs with the Company of which the GE 290 or “Plank” series is one of the most enduring.