First published on the web over twenty years ago you have found the original online portal for the best of Danish furniture design. The site especially promotes the history and designs of Denmark’s modernist master Hans J. Wegner and provides a resource for those interested in mid-century Danish design.

    The advent of Hans J. Wegner marked the emergence of a new type of furniture designer in Denmark. Wegner and his close friend Børge Mogensen differed from earlier generations of Danish furniture designers both in background and training. Unlike Karre Klint, Mogens Koch and Ole Wanscher who all came from the well heeled Copenhagen middle class Wegner and Mogensen came from more humble backgrounds, the former the son of a Master cobbler the latter that of a bricklayer.

    However, more significant was that unlike Klint, Koch and Wanscher both Wegner and Mogensen trained as cabinet makers and only after they became qualified journeymen did they study and begin to design furniture. Consequently Wegner was able to collaborate on equal terms with the producers of his furniture so that design became his sole source of income and livelihood.

    The site aims to provide a continuing narrative on the designs of Hans J. Wegner and his contemporaries and includes a wealth of images including many beautiful working drawings to bring the history of this period of Danish furniture design to life.

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