Ricardo Graham Ferreira

Graham Ferreira was awarded for his use of alternative wood types of Brazil in 2015.  Until the collaboration with PP Møbler each  Sela still had been hand-carved by Ricardo using tropical hardwood in his studio workshop close to Rio de Janeiro . With the new partnership with PP Møbler of Denmark, makers of the iconic fine craft´s collection by Hans J. Wegner, Sela can reach a new audience, made in variations of woods native to the Nordic forests and Sela is available in oak, ash, cherry and beech.

The cross continental collaboration is based on the idea of supporting sustainably managed forests by utilising the natural diversity they have to offer. The sculpted shape of the seat permits the presence of knots and imperfections in the wood adding character to each piece. “It’s a real joy for us to emphasise the unique character and beauty of each piece of wood. With this stool we’ll enhance the natural variations and imperfections and make them become valuable”, explains Kasper Pedersen, 3rdgeneration master of craftsmen at PP Møbler. Sela holds for Kasper Holst Pedersen a very high standard regarding ergonomics and functional qualities. “To put it very simple, Sela is a nice piece of wood, you can sit on. Its ergonomic design allows you to remain comfortably seated and its shape is a very rational and intuitive use of wood”. The inspiration for this obviously resolved design was explained by Ricardo in a phone conversation: “You know what Kasper, when I designed the stool, I did not think at all. I just made it!”

The organic sensual and ergonomic form literally came out of the hands of the Brazilian designer and artisan. “It was impossible to draw this shape. I just knew I wanted a three-legged stool with a perfect position for the pelvis. I stood in front of the wood and began to spontaneously carve. The rest was pure pleasure and elbow grease”. A natural encounter between members of the wood family, Ricardo made the connection to Kasper at the 2015 Salone del Mobile in Milan. They immediately spoke the same language and Ricardo visited the PP Møbler workshops shortly after. “To hear Kasper speaking of this stool in ergonomic and comfort terms as well as of the nature of wood, was very inspiring for me” reported Ricardo.