The Danish company Pandul has produced classic and modern lamps since they were founded in 1982. The lamps are unique and recognised classics designed by leading Danish designers including Hans J. Wegner and Professor Jorgen Gammelgaard.

Jorge-GammelgaardDesign Jørgen Gammelgaard




 Tip Top designed1971

lo40-whiteTip Top pendent




vo40-whteTip Top wall light




Tip TopTip Top pendents



VIP designed 1983

vo29-blk-whiteWall VIP



Wall Vip
vo25-side-blkMini VIP





swing-vip-bo05-whiteSwing VIP



half-vip-black-downHalf  VIP



goo1-blk-white-whiteFloor VIP
Swing Vip


boo15-pairTable VIP





Pandul light fittings are made to exacting standards using skilled hand crafts in producing high quality spun aluminium shades and precision stainless steel fittings. All Pandul lamps are hand finished and are original designs produced under license

hjw-portraightDesign Hans J. Wegner



Wegner Pendent designed 1962





Opala designed 1979

opala-floor-white-pairOpala Floor Lights




table-light-opala-blk-pairOpala table lights




opala-pendent-white-pairOpala pendents